These are unsettling, stressful times. You are NOT ALONE.

Where to go for help is not clear – recruiters have fewer jobs than ever, LinkedIn networks and job postings are not as fruitful and you’re connected with your boss who has visibility in his/her news feed to every new connection you make.

The news does not provide much comfort.

  • The US unemployment rates are staggering with low consumer confidence levels.
  • Among professional workers with 15+ years of experience, the unemployment figures are higher than reported — up to 40% according to some statistics. And this data does NOT reflect the “under-employed” who are forced to take positions making far less income nor those who classify as consultants.
  • In this polarizing election year, we can’t sit back and wait for an improved economy or jobs returning to America.

Why Join NPN?

Next Phase Network connects mid-stage professionals together providing a valuable community committed to discovering new career paths. New opportunities may not be as career linear as we might have planned. New ideas may include small business ownerships, start-up companies, franchise ownership and unique collaborative consultant teams.

Our mission is to be a supportive community that works together to leverage our skills and experiences to create new job opportunities and new income streams for our members.

Why A Preferred Account?

Preferred account members enjoy all the same relevant advice via articles as our basic members PLUS these important added benefits:

  • Confidential Community Forum
  • Exclusive Job Postings
  • Discounted Advisor & Affiliate Services
  • Free Access to Select Webinars and Events

How The Social Forum Helps

NPN is a platform where same-stage professionals can share stories, frustrations and concerns as well as receive good advice and the needed “social therapy” that enables positive thinking and concrete, career action plans.

Your NPN connections are “like-stage” professionals across functions who are facing similar challenges and frustrations. These beneficial new business alliances can lead to potential cooperative business partnerships and a committed referral network.

Memberships to NPN

Free Basic Membership:

  • Access to Relevant Articles and Advisory Professionals
  • Comment on articles with registration
  • Pay for Webinars, Events and Videos

Preferred Membership Add-Ons:

  • Social Forum Connections
  • Job Postings that are relevant to mid-stage senior professionals
  • 10% off Discounted Rates with Trusted Career Advisors
  • Free Webinars, Events and Videos

Lifelong Learning & Success

NPN Preferred Members enjoy free access to webinars to learn a multitude of topics such as reinvigorating your resume, planning for multi-stream income generation, creating a business plan, etc. Sign up now!


Opportunities for Pros

Next Phase Network Preferred Members enjoy free access to job openings for mid-stage career professionals across a variety of functions and industries. Search new openings and find your next phase opportunity.


Start an Action Plan

Take charge of your next career move now. The current job market for mid-stage professionals is challenging to navigate. Proactively seeking new opportunities is critical to reaching your success. Your future starts with a plan.

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