Making Your Own Opportunities Starts with a Plan

event-resumeWhile your most recent work experience is still fresh in your mind, take stock of everything you’ve accomplished. It will help you craft your elevator pitch when seeking a new opportunity, it will help you revise your resume, it will give you confidence, and it may highlight some career alternatives you may want to pursue.  Here are some easy steps you can take:

  1. Write down all of the problems you solved while you were at the companies you worked for.
  2. Assess your situation and craft your future.
    • Are you relocatable?
    • What industry do you want to go to?
    • Do you want to explore starting a new business, buying a business?
    • What do you want to accomplish next?
    • Write down a couple of sentences about your future and post it on the fridge or desk. It will remind you that you have a great future ahead of you and to focus on that.
  3. Leverage the list you’ve created to update your resume.
  4. Don’t get down on yourself. This wasn’t performance related. It wasn’t personal. Forget about it. After all, by now you’ve written down all the things you accomplished.
  5. New jobs get posted on websites from 4:00 am ET – 6:30 am ET. Your mission is to be one of the first resumes received, because the hiring manager will look at those more carefully before they get swamped with applicants. Wake up early, get your coffee, watch at least 1 motivational video on YouTube and check he job boards every morning. This is now your new job – finding a job. It is the first thing you should start your day with, and then make calls from 9:00 to contacts. If you’re looking to move to the west coast prepare for long days as you might not finish calls until 9 pm.

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