Peer Advice. Social Therapy. Share Experiences.

forumnetworkingNPN is a platform where same-stage professionals can share stories, frustrations and concerns as well as receive good advice and the needed “social therapy” that enables positive thinking and concrete, career action plans.

Your NPN connections are “like-stage” professionals across functions who are facing similar challenges and frustrations. These beneficial new business alliances can lead to potential cooperative business partnerships and a committed referral network.

Unlike LinkedIn, NPN allows for anonymity for members who wish to engage confidentially. This is important for those seeking who are still employed.  All of your social forum comments and social posts can be anonymous which is important for protecting you from prior or future employers searches.

When recruiters contact you for a role you feel is not appropriate for you, pass it on to your NPN network. Pay it forward. It will come back to you.

NPN connections are meaningful, helpful and engaged.  As a community, we can help one another find new traditional roles, create new collaborative consulting teams or position together as complete start-up management teams.

Our NPN goal is to become a professional community that helps leverage our individual and collective skills and experiences to create new professional work and income streams. From traditional to unique opportunities we will explore together.


Lifelong Learning & Success

NPN Preferred Members enjoy free access to webinars to learn a multitude of topics such as reinvigorating your resume, planning for multi-stream income generation, creating a business plan, etc. Sign up now!


Opportunities for Pros

Next Phase Network Preferred Members enjoy free access to job openings for mid-stage career professionals across a variety of functions and industries. Search new openings and find your next phase opportunity.


Start an Action Plan

Take charge of your next career move now. The current job market for mid-stage professionals is challenging to navigate. Proactively seeking new opportunities is critical to reaching your success. Your future starts with a plan.

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