Fueling Your Mind & Body

healthwellnessStaying healthy while you transition your career is essential. Many of us have not understood with competing professional and family priorities how to find time to give our bodies proper nutrition and exercise as a daily ritual. We try squeezing in time for meditation or a walk during lunch, run to the gym at 5 am or take the stairs to work instead of taking the elevator. The idea of eating 3 healthy meals is just not feasible in between the scheduled meetings and conference calls.

While you are facing career transition or thinking about one, it is important to plan your goals to maintain a HEATHY YOU. You have valuable time to make a renewed commitment to your health and wellness. Making the time in between job search stress is critical to your success.

Food is fuel and you will need every ounce of energy to find your next move and perform well from the start. Making healthy food choices that are well balanced and include the needed amounts of complex carbohydrates for energy as well as protein for muscles. You also have time to examine your eating habits and whether they are providing the nutrition that you need to stay healthy, build up your immune system and have the energy you need to conquer this stage of your career journey.

You now have more time to go to the gym, take a run, practice Yoga or power walk up the local hiking trails. While you are in transition this is a great time to re-evalute your goals for maintaining a proper healthy lifestyle. A healthy you will project to future potential employers who seek energy and experience on the job.

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