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You will know you need outside help from a career coach when you find you are stuck at some phase of your career pipeline, whether through corporate lay-off or some other barrier to career enhancement, sometimes using your own skills and tools just is not enough.

A career coach can help you navigate the next step in your career. They can support you while transitioning industries, starting a business, honing specific skills or how to change your current role at work.

It is important that you find a quality coach, budget the resources needed and set goals and expectations.

Selecting a Career Coach

Seek recommendations from friends and colleagues as well as conduct a search on line. Look for a coach who has built his/her online brand. Read his/her website that shows client testimonials, rates and credentials from professional organizations, such as the Association of Career Professionals International, Institute of

Career Certification International or International Coach Federation. Check information about his or her experience and specialization. Several years of experience as a coach is a plus, but also consider the coach’s experience in successfully helping people with your specific need. You should be able to tell a coach’s specialization from a website, whether it’s job searching, advancing to the C-suite, starting a business, finding new multi-stream opportunities, etc. You also want to check their certification – International Coaches Federation (ICF) or Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC).

Career coaches costs

Prices can range from $150-500 per session and are usually purchased in blocks. Think of this as an investment in yourself and your future. The investment is worth it and if you choose the right coach you will see the return on your investment.

Setting Expectations

You will learn if a coach’s skills and processes align with your needs and goals. Your coach must provide you with specific details about exactly how he or she can help you achieve your goals.

Whatever route your career coach leads you on, you will have homework such as reading a book or networking. Your part is to bring full required effort and enthusiasm. You will need to keep an open mind for coaching to result in meeting your goals. In the end, your coach and you have the same goals to successfully navigate this stage of your career together.


“Reinventing You” author Dorie Clark in a Harvard Business Review article, “Find the Career Coach Who’s Right for You.” Kathy Caprino, career coach and author of “Breakdown, Breakthrough The Professional Woman’s Guide to Claiming a Life of Passion, Power, and Purpose.”

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