A Holistic Approach to Advisors

Knowing it is time to find support from professional advisors is a sign of positive personal growth. Today there is a wide array of coaches who can provide valuable support in many areas. Now may be the time to invite more coaching into your life.

Deciding to connect with a Personal Coach during time of career transition can provide insights and support to define and reach your goals, to assess opportunities and hopefully to evaluate several offers.
The types of coaches today range from specialist Executive Career Coaches to broadly skilled Life Coaches. Taking time to review the better fit for your current and future needs is important.

A Financial Advisor is another professional to review your plans both short and long term. Given the immediate changes in your income, it may be time to review all your assets and debts and determine which options are best for you to weather this phase of your journey.

Critically important during this life-stage is keen focus on health and wellness. Keeping your body, mind and spirit in a positive place will be noticed during the job search and interview process. Good nutrition and a consistent and appropriate physical fitness regime will enhance your ability to manage your stress, interview well and enable you to land your next role successfully.

Career Concept

Career Advice

You will know you need outside help from a career coach when you find you are stuck at some phase of your career pipeline, whether through corporate lay-off or some other barrier to career enhancement, sometimes using your own skills and tools just is not enough.

A career coach can help you navigate the next step in your career. They can support you while transitioning industries, starting a business, honing specific skills or how to change your current role at work.

Personal Brand

Building or re-igniting your personal brand has many touch points from how you build your resume and LinkedIn Profile to your overall online presence, networking and how you conduct yourself in interviews. It is critical these “touch points” are consistently “on-brand.”


Personal Finances

While being displaced is never a pleasant situation, taking control of a life-changing event can help you alleviate some stress and concern. We know that in difficult times, planning may be more important than ever. Our goal is to work with you during these challenging times, and continue our relationship no matter your life stage.

Health & Wellness

Staying healthy while you transition your career is essential. Many of us have not understood with competing professional and family priorities how to find time to give our bodies proper nutrition and exercise as a daily ritual. We try squeezing in time for meditation or a walk during lunch, run to the gym at 5 am or take the stairs to work instead of taking the elevator. The idea of eating 3 healthy meals is just not feasible in between the scheduled meetings and conference calls.


Lifelong Learning & Success

NPN Preferred Members enjoy free access to webinars to learn a multitude of topics such as reinvigorating your resume, planning for multi-stream income generation, creating a business plan, etc. Sign up now!


Opportunities for Pros

Next Phase Network Preferred Members enjoy free access to job openings for mid-stage career professionals across a variety of functions and industries. Search new openings and find your next phase opportunity.


Start an Action Plan

Take charge of your next career move now. The current job market for mid-stage professionals is challenging to navigate. Proactively seeking new opportunities is critical to reaching your success. Your future starts with a plan.

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