The Action Plan

We envisioned one long career focused on one functional across a handful of fantastic companies. The economic situation over the last 10 years may have accelerated the changes in jobs and companies at a more rapid pace, to no fault of our own. Since 2008, we have seen substantial downsizing of the work force with senior levels and older employees being paper writer eliminated to improve company financial performance. Our fathers had 35+ year careers often with one company. This linear career journey is not the norm anymore. Even college admissions offices now tell students to be adaptable, as they will have 4-5 different careers in their essaywriterusa com lifetime.


Laid Off Plan

Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been thru it before, being laid off can be a traumatic experience. But it can also be a time of reinvention. We’ve compiled a list of things to help guide you thru the process of rediscovery, from those who have been thru this process across a plethora of professional disciplines, industries, and age groups.

The B Plan

Planning alternative careers for some of us may not feel intuitive. Spend sometime opening your search to new ideas. You just may find something new is in order for you. Think through all the alternatives for your next phase – new role same position, new role lesser position, contract work, consulting, starting a business, buying a business and investing in a franchise business. The latter 3 ideas tap into both your entrepreneurial skills and the disciplines you have learned over the years in corporate environment. Explore why many decide at mid-stage to become their own boss. Business ownership allows you to build an asset which is more valuable to you than a salary – $100K-$200K cash flow in a business is an asset that is greater than a corporate salary as it can be sold for a multiple. Join our NPN community and learn about the B Plans that have led to new career success.


Lifelong Learning & Success

NPN Preferred Members enjoy free access to webinars to learn a multitude of topics such as reinvigorating your resume, planning for multi-stream income generation, creating a business plan, etc. Sign up now!


Opportunities for Pros

Next Phase Network Preferred Members enjoy free access to job openings for mid-stage career professionals across a variety of functions and industries. Search new openings and find your next phase opportunity.


Start an Action Plan

Take charge of your next career move now. The current job market for mid-stage professionals is challenging to navigate. Proactively seeking new opportunities is critical to reaching your success. Your future starts with a plan.

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