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Those of us who have enjoyed a certain career ascent often have decades of perfectly relevant education, experience and contacts to match.  And then we find out sometimes it’s just not enough to sustain our employability in the current field or the Plan B.  As the tides of education and the economy have rolled in and out, one thing has always been clear:  a degree in a particular field and the willingness to learn on the job are often the start of a successful career.  Perhaps you have been lucky enough to have an employer encourage and support a graduate degree and in some cases even the bachelor’s degree.  Life is good.  Families grow, promotions come, new organizations look to work with you, benefits increase and respect abounds.  Respect for your expertise, for your leadership, for your energy and creativity, for your seniority at the organization.


Even if your position is comfortable, you need to focus on personal and professional growth opportunities.  While sometimes you do not have a choice when it is time to move on, this does not always mean that you must move to the next organization.  As a certified professional in certain fields, one has to maintain a level of continuing education in order to remain in good standing.  Examples include accounting and tax, certified financial planning, human resource management, law, medicine, project management and supply chain management, to name a few.


But don’t rely on professional mandates to take part in continuing and professional education!  Every leader, every manager, every person needs to reflect on strengths and weaknesses so as to be the best in any environment.  Take time to grow by working with career, communication, leadership and management professionals.  Learn the basics of skill sets that you did not need before now.  What is your impact?  What is your legacy?  Act with purpose. Be deliberate. Be thoughtful. Open yourself to new experiences which include enhancing your skills and networking with people outside of your typical professional circle.


One such opportunity is to interact with thought leaders, not just those technical experts for the content you know.  Nationally recognized human resource and negotiating expert, Lee Miller, has developed a program, “Strategic Influencing and Communication,” which he will be offering at Seton Hall University on Friday mornings in December. Open to all, with one of the sessions devoted to women’s perspectives in this arena, Mr. Miller offers, “This workshop will be beneficial to individuals changing careers and those seeking to influence hiring managers to give them the opportunity to apply their skills in a different context.”   Working with Seton Hall University’s Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies, Lee Miller will offer the series of workshops this winter and again in Spring 2017 on campus in South Orange, New Jersey.  For more information on Strategic Influencing and Communication, click here and use code NPN1 when registering to get a 20% discount.


The Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies works with organizations of all sizes to customize programming and to deliver on campus, online and onsite at your organization.  We are happy to work with NextPhaseNetwork and its members to achieve and enhance professional and personal success.  To celebrate our partnership, we will offer promotional values to network members for CEPS programs.


For a personal discussion on your own possibilities and next steps, give us a call at (888) 227-2782 or email .   For more information visit


Karen A. Passaro, Dean

Continuing Education and Professional Studies


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